The Heart, Purpose, and Passion Behind My Films | Boston Family Films + Photos

I often say that photos are concealing and video is revealing. It’s why I think some clients might feel hesitant about a family film. I dreamed of a branding film that would capture my heart for my clients, my purpose for this business, and my passion for filmmaking. I wanted clients to see how easy video is and how minimal my gear is—and to be reminded of how important their moments are.

I knew there was only one girl I’d trust with all that. Caitlin ( and I met on Instagram. We connected over a shared faith and a shared passion for filmmaking. My heart thrilled as I watched her branding business grow, and I knew I wanted her to film mine. She captures a brand’s story in such a compelling way.

I somehow managed to schedule our shoot on the very busiest of weeks. There was no time to prepare for the interview portion, so it really came down to talking to Caitlin like the friend she is and forgetting her cameras were there. She made it easy. At one point I said something with enough heart and conviction we both started crying…then laughing.

After that, we were off to film me filming this dear family! I’ll always treasure this family for agreeing to have not one but TWO videographers present for their FIRST-ever family film. Something told me they would be comfortable enough with themselves to overlook it—and I was right! Caitlin and I had so many happy glances over our cameras.

Enjoy Caitlin’s gorgeous film and a little insight into my working world! I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Caitlin made me feel deeply seen, and she captured my business in such a tender, loving way.

love amy xo


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