New life is


You’ve waited nine long months to meet your little one and soon the wait will be over. I want to be there to suspend those first impressions…


...his tiny fingers and the way they instinctively cling to yours...

...the dark hair you knew he’d get from daddy....

...the way her sweet little face wrinkles when she cries

...the way she nuzzles into your neck and you dissolve into her.

Those newborn features will change faster than you can believe.

Before the long days and sleepless nights settle in,
I WANT TO CAPTURE FOR YOU the first moments your heart doesn’t want to forget and the little one your people are so eager to meet.

the newness will fade but the wonder never will

First Day Sessions are scheduled 12-48 hours after your baby arrives, while you’re still at the hospital, birthing center or home where you delivered.

For an hour you and your spouse slow down and savor that precious little gift.

All I want is the full weight of the miracle in your arms to sink in. All I ask is permission to capture the gorgeous emotion that accompanies his/her new life.

I don’t prod or pose, only observe and interpret. Whether it’s a changing, a feeding, meeting the grandparents or siblings….my goal isn’t to simply document your first moments but to                            them.


Knowing these photos are part of your baby’s introduction to the world, I make it a goal to have your gallery of hi-res images delivered within 48 hours.

A week or so later you'll receive a 1-2 minute mini-film capturing the newborn sounds and movement photos can’t.