...a physical therapist by schooling and a photographer turned videographer by surprise…a wife to a patient, enduring man…and a mama by grace to two crowning gifts who fill my life with wonder. I love reading classic lit., skiing, all things autumn, cooking, entertaining and am over-the-moon for photography and videography.

This journey started the spring of 2011 when a close friend passed down her old digital SLR (the same she shot our wedding with!). Intimidated by equipment I thought I’d never understand, it sat for a month. Finally one night I read a tutorial on how to shoot in manual. The next morning I fiddled with my settings, took a photo of my daughter in a beautiful pool of light…and well, my heart has been in my lens since.

Around the same time, I read a life-shaping book called One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. It’s all about how to hold on to joy amidst this messy, hectic everyday life…the only one we’re given. It encouraged me to wake up to God’s everyday blessings by slowing down to see the sacred amidst the chaos. As a means of weighing down moments with my girls, I began shooting every day, documenting the little gifts that would otherwise go unnoticed.



In a very real way, photography and videography has given me a new set of eyes. More than anything I want my imagery to reflect His beauty. The nest is that reminder for me. It’s also a symbol of family/motherhood and life. The three eggs represent the three lives we created – both loving and lost. It’s my symbol of gratitude and a visual cue to keep counting gifts.

I hope you enjoy viewing images of my little nest linked below. I’d count it a privilege to film & photograph yours!