A newborn session should feel effortless. You won’t have to strive for tenderness…you feel it already before you’ve even looked in his/her eyes. Your love is your child’s foundation…let’s capture that legacy together in Newborn photos and film. We all know the power of images to conjure up memories and emotion. The photos and film we create might be for you today but eventually they’ll be your child’s touchstone.

you are giving a gift to your child…tender moments they were too young to remember but were their beginning.

My goal for every newborn session is to celebrate this milestone in an authentic manner that honors your love as a family. I don’t arrive with an agenda or props…only a few blankets and wraps. There won’t be stress because there’s no shot list! If baby cries, I see it as an opportunity for connection and I promise, you’ll never miss the shot we were trying for. If siblings won’t cooperate, no biggie. I see it as an opportunity to give big brother/sister my undivided attention and we’ll try again later when their heart is ready. The moments that will make your heart sing most will be the ones we didn’t coerce.

Let's capture your newborn's fleeting newness. I come to the hospital or birthing center to document all those first impressions and moments as a family. First Day sessions include a 1-2 min. mini-film and your images are delivered within 48 hours so you can introduce your little one to the world! 

This type of session is for the client who wants to capture their little one in the comfort of home. Slow down, breath deep and savor your little one as I document the details and beautiful emotion of your new life together. This photo package includes a 1-2 min. mini-film!

Expectation has a way of bringing such tender emotion to the surface. Consider an outdoor or at-home maternity mini-session to capture what that anticipation felt like for you and how beautifully you wore motherhood. 

A baby's newness is so fleeting - they change most in the first year! Capture all the details in a milestone film of your baby's first year.

This full-length film combines footage (mine and yours!) across three film sessions scheduled at months 1, 6 and 12. 



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This is a defining moment. You’ll never be the same and life is about to change in all the best ways.

Let’s celebrate that. 

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