Saratoga Springs, NY Family Video + Photo Session |

Beth’s life was woven into the fabric of mine in first grade. I have memories of playing on her farm, petting her sheep, and watching Mary Lou Retton win the gold medal in her living room. When my family moved we lost touch, but when I came to Boston for grad school we reconnected. A few years later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. We rekindled our friendship over chemo treatments, ER vigils, shared meals, and childcare drop-offs or pick-ups. Beth is my warrior friend who bravely battled breast cancer while single-parenting her son. She lives a life of unwavering faith and is such an example to me of hope and trust. Since then, my heart has danced at her wedding to her husband, Bob, and celebrated the (premature) arrival of their curly-haired miracle.

Every family session is a celebration of life and love for me. This one especially. What a joy visiting Beth and Bob’s sheep farm in upstate NY and bearing witness to so many answered prayers.

Family Mini-Film

Family Photos

love amy xo



  1. Debra Clayton says:

    LOVED IT! Beautiful Amy!
    So wonderful to see Beth so happy! Her husband seems like a great guy, and her daughter adorable! Nathaniel has really grown too! Seems like a nice young man too!
    You are a blessing!
    Love you,

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