Newborn Photo + Video Session | Boston Newborn Photographer & Videographer

A beach session cut short by biting flies left me feeling really down this week. It got me thinking on my ride home about why I would be so sad (I knew my client would still be getting a lovely gallery!). I realized it had a lot to do with my approach to sessions and the client experience I crave. You see, it’s not really about the product for me…it’s all about the process.

I want so much to create a context for you to hit pause and press into your people. I want you to look into your spouse’s eyes and stay there. I want you to hold your little one and remember how they smelled as a newborn. My approach is slow…my sessions long….because I’m not here to crank out pretty photos and call it a day. I’m here to wade into your stream…to heart meld with you and channel your love for your people…as though they were my own.

Sharing a newborn mini-film shot alongside a full gallery of photos (a few are featured in Stories today!). Our morning celebrating little Winnie felt like a soul spa. I’m always so grateful for the trust I sense when clients open their hearts to my lens. It opens my heart in turn!

love amy xo


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