Family session: Piers Park | Boston Family Photographer

Sometimes life feels so fragile. In the past few weeks it’s been my humble privilege to enter into some really sacred places with several hurting families.

A month ago this dad went in to see his doctor about a cough and they found he has an aggressive form of lymphoma. Nothing prepares you for news like that. Life has been turned upside down for this young family as he begins a very intense series of treatments. The effects of it are hitting him already which makes me happy we were able to capture these just days after his diagnosis. The park that day felt like holy ground and every image bore such weight and importance for me.

As I’ve struggled to see beauty in my everyday in the midst of my busy season, I’ve thought a lot about Jon. He was so fully present in his family’s moments that day…every sense awakened to the aching beauty around him. In God’s mysterious economy it seems to be those among us confronted by their own or a loved one’s mortality, who are in fact the most alive. We have much to learn from them.

I’m praying for and claiming in faith many more park adventures for Jon, his loving wife and their beautiful little tribe.

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