Family Film: Leary Family | Hingham, MA Family Videographer

Above every storm cloud the sun shines bright. In the storms of life it seems children soar up there above the darkness…their joy and eternal optimism encouraging our hearts to look up.

Meet Grace.

Two months ago her walking and speech began to decline. Two months ago her parents were delivered the devastating news that her condition was genetic and fatal (with a 2-3 year life expectancy). The doctors were 90% certain.

We scheduled this video session right away.

Grace’s parents believe in a God whose compassion would steady them if the 90% certainty held true. They also believe in a God who has power over the 10% and so their community prayed…hard.

Tests came back and little Grace was spared…it isn’t the brain disease the doctors feared! Since then there have been more tests and more questions. Her family finds themselves in the hardest waiting room of their lives, holding Grace close and wondering what her future holds. Please pray for them.

On this day dark clouds gathered unexpectedly. As I sat in traffic looking up at those clouds, I begged God to part them for the Leary family…both literally and figuratively.

Just as their car pulled up to our location and their three adorable boys tumbled out, I looked up and smiled. The sun was piercing the darkness. Watch this video until the end and see what beauty God had in store that night.

Our evening was wrapped in love and light. As the Leary family played and cuddled, the clouds continued to part. True to her name, Grace shone bright…her joy directing each of our gaze beyond the clouds to Hope Eternal.

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love amy xo


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