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Winter is such a beautiful time of reflection on the past season and the clients whose legacy of love it was my privilege to celebrate in photos.

I photographed this little miss when she was a newborn and she’s grown into such a sweet, engaging toddler. It seems only yesterday my own girls were this little. Though the days are long at this stage of parenting the years are short. I wanted to capture for her parents the little details, expressions, unquestioning love and wonder that accompanies her right now…in this place and time.

As always my favorite moments were the in-between moments when her parents’ guard was down and their hearts laid wide open.

That’s the difference between us grown-ups and our littles. They adore being watched. We don’t and yet often photos aren’t about what we want to see but what we so desperately need to see.

DSC0788-2 Families DSC0854 Families DSC0865 Families DSC1343 Families DSC0968 Families DSC1250 Families DSC1313 Families DSC1100-2 Families DSC1129 Families DSC1359 Families

love amy xo


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