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A Legacy Film celebrates a parent or grandparent, preserving their story for your heart and your children. This film is customized for you – a special way to capture your loved one and to preserve the memory of them and their story. Consider incorporating personal photos/video or a love letter voiceover that you record for them.

If I had to choose one package I offer that holds the most purpose for me, it would be Legacy Films. Legacy films MATTER because when a loved one passes from this life, it’s as though a library is burned. My goal with every Legacy film is to grab a few of their stories, tuck them under my arm and run. 

I have completed two films for each of my parents and more recently recorded footage of each of my inlaws. My goal is to document each of our parents…for me, my husband, and our children. I want my kids to see how their grandparents smiled at them, laughed with them, and cuddled them. I want the memory of the way they moved and spoke to stay fresh in their hearts. I want them to be able to play these films for their children one day and be able to say, “this was me at your age with my grandma/grandpa!”.

Each film we collaborate on will be as different as the parent or grandparent we are celebrating.

My mom was born with one arm. She shares a middle name with my youngest. They share something else in common as well. My mom’s legacy of strength lives on in her. Her film celebrates their “beautiful different”.

My dad is my rock. It aches a little to watch him now, knowing today isn’t forever. His film is my love letter, expressing what I treasure in him and how much my child heart clings to him. Watch his full film linked in my profile.

Two parents, two very different films. What stories do you want to preserve while your loved one is still here? What words do you need to speak over them in this life? Today isn’t forever…but your memories can be.

Detail and pricing can be found here.

love amy xo


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