Family Photo + Mini-Film Session | Boston Family Videographer and Photographer

I’ve known this mama since we were kicking around Boston as singles in our 20s. There was a long span of intervening years where we were finding ourselves, before we found each other again. In that time we married, started our families, and planted seeds of baby businesses, praying they would grow.

Every business owner needs a “believing mirror” in their life. That friend or family member who is their cheering section…reflecting back a belief that they are enough for the work they’ve been called to.

My believing mirror was optimistic when it seemed my dream seed would never sprout. She prayed to the Rainmaker when red-hot self-doubt began to scorch that dream. She’s helped me stake my tender shoot when the winds of life have blown hard. These days she runs around telling every person she knows how beautiful my bloomed business is…to “come and see!”

Meet Nicole, my believing mirror. Every dream I’ve ever had for this little business, she has dreamed with me. Every tear I’ve shed over it, Nicole has caught to water that dream. How do you thank a person like that? You aspire to be like her. You fertilize her dreams in turn and seek to mentor others in the way she’s encouraged you.

I love this sister-friend. God knew I needed her.

DSC_6953-1-1024x683 Families

love amy xo


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