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Before a film, I always touch base with the client and suggest a few activities to add structure to our time and interest to their film. I thought it would be fun to share those! Here are some outdoor activities my families have enjoyed during their photo + film sessions.

I’ll share ideas for indoor activities in a later post!

2023-01-18_0007-905x1024 Family Films

A short hike or nature hunt
A walk or biking in the neighborhood
Fairy house building
Painting or carving pumpkins
Leaf fight, jumping into leaves
Dance party
Cutting down the Christmas tree
Building a snowman
Family snowball fight
Snow angels
Flower crowns
Football, soccer, tennis
Water play: ocean, lake, or sprinkler!
Beachcombing and sand castles
Throwing styrofoam planes
Parachute: running under a blanket
Tag or Hide & Seek
Reading a favorite book
Playscapes and trampolines
Planting and gardening

2023-01-18_0001-1-1024x686 Family Films

I could keep going but you get the idea. Who said sessions can’t be fun?!

So grateful to this sweet family for letting me be a part of THEIR fun. They had a leaf fight, a game of chase, interviewed their son to capture his cute mannerisms and voice, read his favorite book, played trains, and ended the evening with a rousing game of Pooh sticks over the Concord Bridge! At no point were they left bored or wondering what to do!

I see half my job as a creative director…creating a context for your connection. The other half of my job is as a passive observer receiving your moments in order to imprint your memories.

(This film can’t be shared but the photos give you a sense!)

love amy xo


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