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My husband is an only child, and we are blessed to have his parents living close by. Three years ago, they purchased a mid-century A-frame cabin for us all on a small pond near Sunapee, NH. It was a 1972 time capsule when they bought it, complete with red Formica kitchen countertops, avocado green appliances, shag rugs, and the funkiest bathrooms you’ve ever seen. Last weekend we crossed the finish line on the renovations. It’s finally completed, and in this season of thanks, we have much to be grateful for.

My talented in-laws love home renovation and have done much of the work themselves—with occasional help from us (or contractors for the big things). I’m in awe of their tenacity and eager for them to put their feet up and to finally enjoy the fruit of their labor.

I can’t even drive a straight nail, so my role was decorating the place. It’s been my canvas for three years and such fun to design. My in-laws are the chillest “clients” ever, as I’ve walked in with a sunburst clock, funky wall art, and even a candy dish we laugh at that was probably once used as an ashtray (oops!). I chose to stick with the cabin’s mid-century vibe and have had a blast combing antique stores and FB Marketplace for good deals on antiques, reproductions, and artwork.

A few weekends ago, I was eager to have a play with my new Lensbaby Velvet 56 1.4. There was a basement den to decorate, so I only took a handful of photos, but here’s what our weekend “felt” like as fall fades to winter up there.

I’m feeling deeply grateful for a cabin that will be my in-laws’ legacy for generations to come. I sometimes stand on the deck and can almost hear the sound of my grandkids’ laughter on the water.

love amy xo


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