Love Poured Out Right in Front of My Lens | Boston Newborn Photography + Films

I believe that the words we speak over our children imprint on their hearts. In a quiet moment, I asked this father to speak his heart to his newborn daughter. He paused, reflecting…

Then he spoke the centuries-old words of another Father…a Father whose fierce love is my freedom and peace. There is no greater love than this.

That moment took my breath away.

As a family photographer and filmmaker, I am constantly deciding what portion of a newborn photo + film session to guide—and when to stay silent and let their moments breathe. I live in this tension and love how it ebbs and flows in me after ten years of guiding connection.

One thing I’ve learned over the past decade is that it’s not a family’s job to show up at ease, ready to be beautifully connected, or to open their hearts to my lens. Oh no! It’s my job to gently coax that trust from them. Their trust is something I have to earn by 1.) showing sincere interest in them and 2.) demonstrating confidence and calmness in the way I guide the session.

This couple was a joy to capture. Their love for their new daughter was brimming such that they only needed the tiniest nudge—and all this love poured out right in front of my lens.

love amy xo


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