Family Film Session at Rock Meadow | Belmont Family Photographer & Videographer

Throwback to this family film session on a summer day when the crickets were chirping in the tall grass faded to brown by a relentless sun. Laughter echoed across the meadow as two little boys and their tireless parents tried their hardest to get a kite airborne. The breeze refused to lift their kite but carried their giggles to the treetops. 

I smiled as I watched their play, wondering if they would remember this moment. Then I hit record, knowing they would…for always. 

Moments like these MATTER. Each day with your loved ones is sheer grace. In this frenzied world, I’m on a mission to give you back the sacred moments you need to see. Moments that ground you in gratitude. Moving images that reflect your greatest treasures on this earth. 

love amy xo


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