Arnold Arboretum Family Film + Photo Session | Boston family videographer

I met this talented mama during the lockdown. We met on a Zoom call with several photographers in the Boston area. As we chatted about our shuttered businesses and the shattered world, her light seemed to pierce the darkness.⁣

It’s been a joy to link arms with Kate in celebrating her soulful daughter. Each year they book a Moving Portrait session to capture their little one just as she is today. Not just how she LOOKS…how she moves, how she laughs, how she wrinkles her nose, how she hugs her bunny and stoops to pick up a rock, how she toddles in the sunlight, how she examines a flower, how she crawls between daddy’s legs, how she nuzzles into her mama’s shoulder.⁣

Because why in this era are we preserving such a small fraction of our memories? I can’t say this enough. The videos of your little ones are what you’ll be replaying over and over when they’re grown and gone. This is my passion and my purpose offering films, and why they are included in all my packages.⁣

You have a memory maker in your hand…promise me you’ll swipe to video and use it often. When those little clips live lonely and forgotten (like mine), buried among screenshots and random photos of clothes you might buy…I’m here for you.⁣

Not the today you…the tomorrow you.

love amy xo


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