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You would think that a home session would be more comfy-cozy for you than an outdoor location that’s more familiar to me. Strangely, it’s not always the case! I know it feels vulnerable to invite a stranger into your home who will be studying your every move/expression. I’ve booked home sessions for my family and experienced that timidity.

Here’s the thing…

I don’t see it as your job to open your door and heart to me without hesitation.

I see it as MY job to make it easy for you. 😉

Here are a few tips that will help me do just that, and help you as you are preparing for an at-home film session


…tidy a few key rooms, but only to remove distractions—bedside tables especially! Also, open all the blinds and turn off all the lights before I come. Clean, natural light makes for beautiful footage and photos. My camera will make up for the dimness!


…deep clean the entire house. My camera won’t detect crumbs or dirt, and we’ll only be in the rooms you want to prioritize.


…turn off all music and noisy appliances (window A/Cs, dishwasher, clothes washer, gas fireplace fan, etc.)…anything that would mask your kids’ sweet voices and laughter.


…turn off your kids. If they’re being (appropriately) exuberant or rowdy, I’m here for it. Their joy is infectious, and I want to bottle up your kids just as they are in this season.


…avoid wearing bright/neon colors that cause a color cast, or small pinstripes that cause a wavy moiré effect on video. Ideally, no words or characters on your kids’ outfits, either. I don’t want anything to distract from their cuteness.


…overdress for a home session. Casual long, flowy dresses or jeans/pants are great for moms of littles who plan to be down on the floor playing or chasing their kids around the yard. Color coordination across the family still goes a long way, even for a home session!


…show your spouse/partner one of my family films if they haven’t seen one before. This is a good time to assure him/her that films are way easier than photos. It’s also a good time to chat about the activities significant to your family that you want to incorporate in your film.


…ask your spouse/partner to be anything they aren’t. If they’re not being genuine, my camera and I will know it. Make him/her feel cherished for who they are, and watch how relaxed and attentive they will be.

I hope that these tips have been helpful as you are preparing for an at-home film session with your beautiful family!

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love amy xo


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