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The way to a small business brand’s story is through the owner’s heart. Since I only take a few Brand Story sessions per year, I won’t book a brand client until after a Zoom call to find out if we’re a good fit. I ask lots of questions about their Why. If their Why resonates with me, I know I’ll be inspired. While scoping out her business socials prior to our Zoom, I found a story on this client’s page that caught my attention. She shared with her community that she had grown up as the only black girl in a privileged, very white town. From that experience, she learned to project confidence at a young age. Now, as a Visual Brand Strategist, Tosin Odugbemi equips businesses to project confidence in their brand. She’s the creative powerhouse behind Atelier Oluwatosin. That’s inspiring, sign me up!

Tosin radiated that inner confidence for three hours as we shot in the gorgeous Newburyport Studio. It was a joy working with her and relating about running creative businesses with deep purpose.

{Makeup by Chelsea at Chelsea Elizabeth Beauty who weilded her craft in a way that revealed Tosin’s true beauty and allowed her light to shine through)

60 Second Brand Story Film (for website and marketing)

30 Second Vertical Brand Story Film (for socials)

15 Second Vertical Brand Story Film (for Reels)

love amy xo


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