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Photos conceal and video reveals. If you’ve never experienced a family film and that statement scares you a little, read on! Video won’t hurt (I promise)!

Photos conceal and video reveals.

If you’ve never experienced a family film and that statement scares you a little, you may be missing the point…

That’s what we’re asking it to do…and the process is painless.

If you’re not convinced, here’s how you should be seeing video’s big reveal…

Video reveals true beauty.

Family films aren’t intended to be raw and gritty. I am a storyteller with the eye of a photographer and the heart of a poet. Your moments will be true…because I know that today’s truth is tomorrow’s treasure.

Your moments will be beautiful…because I don’t know how to see them any other way. Every family is achingly beautiful to me. This business exists because that core belief needs expression.

Video reveals and the revelation can be healing.

Every day our bodies carry fatigue, sadness, longing, grief, disappointment…the list goes on. It’s easy to want to dress that up, throw on a smile, and wish it away with a quick photo shoot.

I’ve been told that film sessions feel like a soul spa. I like to think I set the tone for that, but deep down I believe it has more to do with the self-embrace required to book a film. Read that last line and linger there.

Video reveals your story.

Lifestyle photography is more style than life.

Unless you’re hiring a documentary-style family photographer, it’s not your story being told. You’re creating much-needed, beautiful keepsakes of what your family looked like in this season, but the buck stops there. I say that with all the respect in the world for lifestyle photographers…because I was one, and I embrace that part of me.

Video reveals your kids.

Still photos can’t encapsulate your kids. How often are your kids even still?! Let’s do better…

Your memories deserve photos of your littles AND moving images that capture their voices, personalities, laughter, mannerisms, the way they walk/run, and the way they cuddle.

Video is taking the world by storm. A new era is dawning and, as parents, we’re settling for too little.

Video reveals your truths.

In Old English, the word truth meant “faithfulness, constancy.” The very foundation of family is hurt when those truths are threatened. Beyond telling your story, I’m looking to create a totem for you, for your marriage, for your parenting years…

So that it can be enjoyed on your best days, and aspired to on your worst days.

Love, connection, constancy…these ARE your truths. I’m here to tell them.

Video reveals my heart for you.

Your moments are filtered through my mama’s heart and interpreted through my artist’s mind. I pray that when you watch your film, you can read my heart for your family in every. single. frame. If you don’t love the result, I will return your deposit. I mean that. I believe so much in the process and product I’m offering, you can try a film with a partial-refund guarantee.

If you decide I’m wrong and video hurts, I’ll make it hurt less. Just promise you’ll be as open-hearted to my art as I was to your moments.

love amy xo


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