The Doors My Camera Opens | Boston Family Photographer + Videographer

I just love the doors my camera opens for me. Early this year, it got me invited into the heart and home of one of Brenna’s favorite elementary school teachers!

Before she was a wife and mama, this sweet lady wrangled a class of fidgety fourth graders. A sweet memory for me is all the girls in class lining up at the end of the day to have their hair braided by Miss Driscoll (as she’ll always be known to us). Brenna’s hair never looked so good!

It’s funny what things bridge time and people. Brenna has been on a Winnie the Pooh kick and has quotes stuck all over her bathroom mirror. It turns out her teacher shares her love. As I left this sweet session, Miss Driscoll handed me a Pooh book for Brenna. Still investing in my girl all these years later!

It was such a joy celebrating Miss Driscoll’s newest cub and reflecting on all the ways she’s blessed our family.

love amy xo


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