St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center – First Day Session | Boston Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This sweet little man has an angel looking out for him because he landed himself the most loving family any kid could ask for.

There are few real surprises in life. When a dear friend calls to tell you she’s pregnant and you laugh (because she’s laughing), you know the world as you know it will never be the same. I’ve had the joy of photographing these friends several times over the years. Never in my mind did I expect this….and now I can’t imagine their story being complete without this.

God wrote a whole new chapter with this little guy and my camera got to be there to capture all this fleeting newness and those wonder-filled first impressions. Read my heart for these special sessions here.

Welcome to the world little-man M. I’ve been so excited to meet you and can’t wait to watch you grow through my lens!

DSC2782 First Day DSC2366 First Day DSC2441 First Day DSC2616 First Day DSC2610 First Day DSC2768 First Day DSC2449 First Day DSC2455 First Day DSC2803 First Day DSC2498 First Day DSC2511 First Day DSC2746 First Day DSC2758 First Day DSC2536 First Day DSC2549 First Day DSC2714 First Day DSC2681 First Day DSC2560 First Day DSC2565 First Day DSC2775 First Day DSC2816 First Day DSC2841 First Day

love amy xo


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