Sleepless Nights and Your Soul’s Great Awakening | Boston Newborn Photos + Films

This mama told me once over coffee that she wasn’t sure she’d ever want kids. Recently I got to train my camera on her and prove her wrong. 🙂

Babies shatter our sleep and our self-sufficiency in all the best ways. They are little mirrors that reflect back to us our capacity to love as well as our darkest shadows. Nothing in life has shaped me more than motherhood, and if motherhood were not my story, that would beautifully shape me, too. The things that shape our souls…the things that build in us empathy, patience, and fortitude…usually aren’t the easy things.

But they ARE the things that keep us awake at night. 😉

Welcome to sleepless nights and your soul’s great awakening, Emily and Dan. Celebrating this wonderful new chapter with you.

love amy xo


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