My New Year’s Manifesto | Boston + New England Family Photographer + Videographer

I say that I don’t like New Year’s resolutions, but I really do. Something about my Enneagram 1 personality loves a good goal (or 10). I’ve shared those goals for 2024 already…but here’s the mindset that I pray carries me through another year of business, captured in the words of my New Year’s manifesto.

It’s not about me…it never was.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above.” —James 1:17.

Both my talent and my clients are gifts from a good Father…each His masterpiece.

Every client who loves my work deserves to be loved BY my work.

I risk straying off mission and away from my purpose when I cling too tightly to my ideals.

Every client is art.

I will create in the tension between my limit and my potential.

Inspiration will follow the path of least resistance, so I choose freedom over fear.

My art will be a love letter to a hurting world.

I vow to look deeper, linger long, and stop glancing off souls begging to be seen.

I will lovingly tend my own story so that I can tend my clients’ stories well.

My faith and family will remain my first priority and guiding light.

I will not confuse my self-esteem with my self-expression.

I am not my work.

Standing in that truth frees me from the need for success and applause.

My camera will be an instrument of hope and healing.

I will not be satisfied telling easy stories for happy, healthy families.

I will seek light in the shadows as well.

I will woo my wonder.

I will cultivate the interests, hobbies, and fascinations that exist beyond my camera.

I will clean my sensor…

…the one in my camera and the one inside me…

so that I can see clearly in 2024.

love amy xo


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