Moving Portrait for Winnie | Boston Family Videos + Photos

This is the second Moving Portrait I’ve had the privilege of creating starring this little wonder. Her mama (a talented family/wedding photographer) has a gift for words and self-records love letters that have me in tears as I edit. She also has a gift for making Winnie feel deeply seen and thoroughly celebrated. I love partnering with this mama to preserve her heart for her daughter in each Moving Portrait for Winnie.

Moving Portrait sessions celebrate a single child and your unique relationship with them. I always encourage a self-recorded love letter. We can also weave in your favorite personal photos and/or videos of your child growing up.

My goal in offering films with each of my packages is to preserve for you more than how your little one(s) look in this season. I want to capture their whole-body smile, the way they dance, how they talk, how their little hands maneuver a pair of scissors, their squeal of delight as they chase a bubble, and how they nuzzle into you as you tell them a story. I promise you that videos of your child(ren) are what you will play over and over when they’re grown. The hardest part of offering family films is convincing the today you what the tomorrow you will need. (Can I get an “amen” filmmakers?!)

Family films are an investment in your future self. This mama would tell you so.

And with that, here is another Moving Portrait for Winnie…to treasure and look back on with joy and a full heart someday in the future.

love amy xo


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