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It’s such a joy seeing friends start a new chapter of their lives and being invited to witness the impact that a nine pound incarnation of love has on his family.

This little guy has two of the kindest people on earth as parents and two adoring sisters who can’t wait to show him the ropes. I absolutely love that when I showed up the girls had chosen their outfits, there were dishes in the sink and baby was sleeping. The best sessions are always the ones where clients just open the door and let me swim into the current of their day.

I don’t want your perfection, just your presence. If there’s baby spit up on your blouse when I show up, just know I’ll love you instantly.

You see the image that will make you smell him all over again, won’t be the one where you (or your photographer) remembered to pull down your shirt over your nursing tank. The images your heart will keep returning to will always be of moments that were true to the moment and the emotion you were feeling.

This session had enough beautiful emotion to last me the season. The current I swam into was so real and refreshing is was hard to swim ashore.


DSC2332 Families Newborns

DSC2821 Families Newborns DSC2827 Families Newborns DSC2250 Families Newborns DSC2681-Edit Families Newborns DSC2244 Families Newborns DSC2733 Families Newborns DSC2130 Families Newborns DSC2861 Families Newborns DSC2605 Families Newborns DSC2406 Families Newborns DSC2474 Families Newborns DSC2483 Families Newborns DSC2065 Families Newborns

love amy xo


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