How It Felt at the Very Beginning – Treasuring Those Newborn Moments | Boston Newborn Photographer + Videographer

I loved meeting these awesome new parents and celebrating their sweet boy. It wasn’t hard to pick up on their playfulness as a couple and the joy they’re finding in their new adventure. Their delight was palpable!

Newborn sessions are special to me because I know how tired and frayed new parents are. Remembering how those early days felt for me, I so want to love on new parents with my time and attention. My hope is to leave them feeling a little more empowered and a little more celebrated.

These long days and sleepless nights chasing a newborn’s endless needs aren’t forever. One day this couple will be where I am, cursing what a great job they did raising an independent child. 😉 When they need a reminder of how it felt at the very beginning, how small their child was once, and how big their love was (and has continued to grow)…they’ll only have to press play.

love amy xo


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