Engagement session: Crane Estate | Ipswich, MA Engagement Photographer

There are some sessions when afterwards I sit in the car, put my head back and blink away tears of gratitude to a God whose very face I saw in the love that I witnessed. This session was one of those.

I knew this beautiful bride-to-be in another lifetime. Fast forward almost twenty years and she’s getting married! Their story is a tender one of waiting and hope. Her fiancé crossed careers and continents to be near her in Guatemala where her parents serve as missionaries.

I don’t make moments like these…they’re born of a boundless love that extends far beyond the hour and a half we’re together. These two were as at ease with themselves and each other as they could possibly be. Ridiculously silly one moment and breath-takingly tender the next.  I’d call that a recipe for a very happy marriage.

God’s blessings on you Abby and Robert. May your love grow the more each year such that your wedding day becomes the day in your marriage when you loved each other least.

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love amy xo


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