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Are you ever dissatisfied with your small beginnings as a photographer or filmmaker as you scroll in this space? Does it make it hard for you to show up on social media and to share your work? If that sounds familiar, then this reminder is for you: don’t despise small beginnings.

IG is crack for creatives. In an ocean of puffy hearts, it’s easy to be swept under by the riptide of conditional love. Under the crushing waves of inspiration, I sometimes lose perspective. I become glassy-eyed from all the pretty things and soul-sick from the comparison.

Ten years ago, this space didn’t exist for me. I was running a baby business on my little island, and the only time I was confronted with another creative’s work was when I’d visit their website. It was just me, my passion for photography, my lust for learning, and the horizon. I was probably a bit starved for inspiration, but I was at least content with my progress.

They say, “Don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s middle.” In many ways, my middle still feels like a beginning, especially since picking up videography. What you feel, I feel too. It’s easy to focus on the ground ahead that I hope to cover, rather than ALL the ground I’ve already gained.

When comparison looms, what little self-confidence I have ebbs away. I feel myself pull back on social media to protect my heart from rejection. My small beginnings don’t feel worth sharing because…

Small beginnings don’t look as glamorous.

Small followings make me feel “less than.”

Small responses make me feel unheard.

When I filter these stinky feelings through the correct lens, I see that in fact…

It’s about how I live, not how I look.

It’s about how I lead, not how many follow.

It’s about what I say, not how many hear.

I have an evolving relationship with social media. I used to hate it for how it made me feel. I’m learning to love it for how it forces me to care…

Care enough to feed the well of inspiration that I too draw from.

Care enough to support the people who have lovingly supported me.

Care enough to say what’s on my heart.

Friend, you’ll never FEEL “enough” for this space. Your work will never BE “enough” because “enough” is a mirage of your own making. Your internal monologue can’t be trusted, so listen to mine instead…

We need you here. We need you to show up and share your one-of-a-kind perspective. Art, like a gourmet meal, is created to be consumed. If you hoard it, only you get to experience the delight of it, and no one else is fed. This world is hungry for beauty and needs your soul food. Delight us and don’t despise your small beginnings…good gifts come in small packages.

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love amy xo


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