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New life always whispers so sweetly to my creative soul. I’m grateful to this tender mama (a creative herself over @curateandcompany!) who gave me and my camera a backstage pass to all this love.

My newborn sessions are slow and deliberate and honestly pretty quiet. Here are a few methods I’ve used over the years to keep baby calm. Since offering films, I’ve had to abandon the space heater and pink noise to ensure clean audio, but I thought I’d share these tips for you photographers!

  1. The Bum Pat

This one always wows a new parent. I was once told by a pediatrician that they use it in the NICU…that it’s considered as effective as a tiny dose of a pain med.

  1. A Space Heater

Winter is coming and babies love a cozy space. I ask my newborn clients if they have a space heater, and if they don’t, I bring mine! No need to crank the heat throughout the house…a space heater warms the space quickly. The only trick is then keeping baby awake!

  1. The Swaddle

I don’t love a burrito-baby look and always try to leave baby’s arms out or sneak them out once baby is calm. I bring a number of pretty prewashed swaddling blankets to newborn sessions, but typically, clients have a favorite of their own that we use.

  1. White Noise

Well, actually, pink. Pink noise is my favorite soothing tone. I play it on my phone and it seems to work on my clients’ babies as well as it did mine!

  1. Slowing Down

My approach with any session is to keep a family in one place for a while and to let their moments breathe. Babies really respond to this. We avoid a lot of passing off, jostling, and outfit changes in order to just be.

What are your favorite soothing techniques for a newborn?

love amy xo


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