People who live in warm climates can never fully appreciate what they have.

The day before we left for this little island in the French Caribbean, Boston was hit with a blizzard. Hard. As I packed sun screen and flip flops, Dave shoveled 12 inches of snow. Needless to say, the sunshine did us all a world of good. I don’t know how to “turn off” at home but vacation is another story. Emails went unanswered, more photos went into my mind’s memory than my camera’s, just to be present with my people.

Martinique is so much more than pretty beaches. There are rainforests and a volcano to explore. Amazing French food and wine. We visited a slavery museum detailing life for slaves in the Caribbean before their emancipation. The girls’ favorite site was the ruins of Empress Josephine’s childhood plantation. She grew up on this little island and later married Napoleon. I could have photographed them in those shadows all day.

These photos don’t do this beautiful island justice. They also barely feature Brenna who’s in a tolerate-hate relationship with my camera. I have to photograph her on the sly these days and hope she grows out of it by the next family adventure. I’m considering systematic desensitization a viable approach in the meantime.

This pretty much sums up every parent’s vacation.

Ask me how much I love getting in front of the camera.

Please note the contrasting expressions. AH, eight. This wasn’t staged AT ALL.

Yeah. I could do church here.

Our girls carry nothing. It’s a crime and major parent fail. I, of course, have my camera to worry about. Sorry, babe.

An adoring sister.

I love their quiet moments best. Always have.

I admit I’m vain…it took me five days to try this ridiculous snorkel mask and, you know what, it rocks.

When one picture is worth a thousand words (or 251 pages)


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