Family Session: Rock Meadow (Belmont)

I’ve always been inspired by light and locations. Rock Meadow Reservation in Belmont is a new favorite. I would swear fairies live in this little-known meadow. Picture huge fields of green surrounded by tall elms and nothing to break the stillness but crickets having their evening convo. Paths zig zag the fields and a wooden boardwalk crosses a rush-filled marsh. There’s a stream to explore, tall grass to hide in, large rocks to climb and a sense of tranquility I never thought existed so close to the city.

Add to that setting this beautiful family and, well, it’s a recipe for something special. I loved the fun challenge of capturing their oldest girl’s exuberant personality. She was so smitten with the Meadow she was never where we were – forever running across the field, her hair bobbing in the wind. Coaxing her to enjoy it with the family was a lesson for me in the active girl’s psyche (my own girls are anything but!). Create the fun and draw her in…it worked like a charm every time. The same energy that pulled her away was the same energy that made her amazing to photograph. You can see in her eyes such joy and zest for life.

I’m not sure I’m allowed to have favorite sessions but if I did, this would be one of them!

Rock Meadow_belmont_family_photographer_photo-1Rock Meadow_belmont_family_photographer_photo-3Rock Meadow_belmont_family_photographer_photo-4Rock Meadow_belmont_family_photographer_photo-10Rock Meadow_belmont_family_photographer_photo-22Rock Meadow_belmont_family_photographer_photo-23Rock Meadow_belmont_family_photographer_photo-25Rock Meadow_belmont_family_photographer_photo-19Rock Meadow_belmont_family_photographer_photo-26Rock Meadow_belmont_family_photographer_photo-14Rock Meadow_belmont_family_photographer_photo-5Rock Meadow_belmont_family_photographer_photo-2Rock Meadow_belmont_family_photographer_photo-11Rock Meadow_belmont_family_photographer_photo-27Rock Meadow_belmont_family_photographer_photo-13Rock Meadow_belmont_family_photographer_photo-20Rock Meadow_belmont_family_photographer_photo-21Rock Meadow_belmont_family_photographer_photo-17


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