Family Session: Arnold Arboretum (Boston)

Next to where I edit is pinned this quote from a course instructor of mine….

The frame is your canvas,
The moment is your paint,
The camera is your paintbrush,
The subject is YOUR emotions.

That rocked my world the first time I read it. I’ve always thought in this business of family photography it was about THEIR emotions. Turns out it is but not entirely.  You see what should differentiate me as a photographer from the average person with a camera is my interpretation through artistic technique.  I’m not just a camera operator – I have to be so much more thoughtful and intentional. I’m constantly open, taking in and observing, interpreting, feeling.  Then I take how I feel about what I’m observing and translate it into decisions on what to do with my camera. All in a 1/250ths of a second.

Some families make my emotions soar and capturing theirs becomes easy. This was one of those. I met these wonderful people on a beautiful fall evening in November. The fall color and golden sun were the perfect compliment to the warmth they generate with each other.

I hope our paths cross again. Until then I have these images and the memory of their tender time together.



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