Family Beach Session: Avalon, NJ

I’m a strong believer that I’m a servant to the art, not the art to me. To “serve” photography means to get out of its way and affirm meaning by “receiving” a family’s unique beauty despite all the ambiguities, tragedies and grief that surrounds us.

This wonderful family, like every other my camera meets, embodies that meaning. It’s in their connection my work finds purpose. Their love breaths life into every pixel. When their eldest looks with wonder at a rainbow arching over the ocean, only that moment exists for me and the next. For an hour and a half I step into their truth and on the other side is an aching beauty.

Aching because we have but one life to live well. Each breath is sheer grace and moments like these a dazzling window, but meer reflection, of the ultimate glory to come.

This earthly┬ábeauty begs to be witnessed and I loved bearing witness to this family’s.




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