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Time is a thief. with my (he)art I aim to be its worst enemy.

I am passionate about telling stories through photos and films - the nostalgic, love-soaked kind of stories you never want to forget. 

I'm a photographer turned filmmaker who's convinced your stories deserve sound and movement. I'm for the family who wants more for their memories than the traditional photo session. 

Hi, I'm Amy! 

    As your family's storyteller, I promise to...

  • Preserve your moments because they matter.
  • Celebrate your milestones as if they are my own.
  • Capture your people as your heart sees them.
  • Embrace your family's unique story.
  • Push myself creatively to tell that story in the most beautiful way possible.

what memories today will your heart need tomorrow?

what if you could re-live a day in your life?.