Engagement Session: New Hampshire Apple Orchard | Boston Engagement Photographer

Here’s a couple I wish you could meet in person – photos just don’t do them justice.

The gorgeous young lady you see here was my flower girl almost eleven¬†years ago! She’s a burst of sunlight on a grey, rainy day. Her uncontainable joy fills an apple orchard and the arms of a man every bit worthy of her.

The love of soon-to-be marrieds is like nothing else. It’s so fresh – so vibrant. Every touch and look pulses with it. I’m usually found behind a tree branch asking myself what business I have to witness something so holy – so wholly God.

Have you ever looked at a new baby or a gorgeous sunset and sensed God’s pleasure? I sensed it watching these two and can’t WAIT to see them married (from behind the lens!).

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love amy xo


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