At-Home Newborn Session | Boston Newborn Photographer

Newborn sessions are my second chance at celebrating all the little things.

Each of my own babies were born during seasons of stress. The first arrived on the scene as we launched a six month home renovation. The second baby two weeks before I was diagnosed with a large ovarian tumor. The house was righted and my tumor benign but each stressor stole my peace of mind and attentiveness during those newborn days. The tumor is a big part of my story so I’m grateful for it…the house I’ve resented a little.

I hadn’t yet picked up a camera when my babies were born. Part of me hungrily photographs my girls today to make up for those newborn days my head was too clouded to savor.

These parents were fully present during our session, reveling in the tiny details and breathtaking newness of their little one. It feels like yesterday we were celebrating the arrival of their first and so time goes. It was so fun watching this new chapter unfold for them.

Every baby is a miracle…perhaps the biggest miracle is the change they effect in us. May the temporality of their smallness be a reminder of the fleeting beauty all around us and an encouragement to linger a little.

love amy xo


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