Family session: Arnold Arboretum | Boston Family Photographer

I’ve been thinking a lot about why clients might request a family session. You might book a family session to document the change and growth in your kids over the past year or more. Maybe it’s only for a Christmas card (somebody hold me).

I like to think a family session can hold more purpose. If it’s only to document change over time, photos are like notches on a door jam. Would you really hire a professional for that? If it’s just for the Christmas card, we both know they’re eventually feeding a landfill (*wink*).

What if photos aren’t for you (or your friends)? What if they’re really for your children? 

I think of photos as a legacy gift to your children. When the awesome kids pictured here are grown and have children of their own, it’s my prayer that their hearts will cling to these – the way their mom looked at them. The way they leaned into and were carried by dad’s strength. Maybe they’ll recount the secret sibling humor that nobody else ever really understood.

You see I’m not in the business of giving you a likeness. I want to return to you your moments. Moments that reflect the love and connection you share as a family. Moments where eternity touches time.

These wonderful parents gifted their kids these moments and, judging by what I witnessed, their legacy of love has already left an indelible mark on their little lives. Now their children have photos that I hope captures what that legacy looks like.

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