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These people have had my heart for a decade…and now I finally feel like I know them.

I’ve treasured every interaction with this mama at school drop-off/pick-up or events. When she asked for family photos + a mini-film, my heart leaped as I’ve always wanted to get to know her family better. You see they radiate such joy… every blessed one of them. This mama’s laughter can be heard across a school gym and she has SUCH a way of brightening your day. I’ve been dying to get to know the man lucky enough to marry her and the children raised in her light.

Loving Boston as they do, we chose Marlborough Street and the Esplanade as our backdrop. A big emphasis was celebrating their oldest daughter who graduates from high school this month. She’s been a mentor to my oldest daughter and so it was easy to channel all the love I feel for her (and her mama) in capturing her beautiful spirit.

One of the things I love best about my work is the window it gives me into the life and love of a family. I’m so grateful for these people and the imprint they’ve made on my life.

love amy xo


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