Family Session (Hingham, MA) | Boston Photographer

When your daughter’s wonderful writing teacher asks you to take her family photos, 1.) you trip all over yourself to say YES! 2.) show up on time 3.) ask permission to call her by her first name, and 4.) channel all the gratitude you feel for her.

This sweet lady is making a beautiful imprint on my daughter’s life at the same time she pours herself into motherhood. Watching her boundless love for her family told me more about her heart than even hours of a parent-teacher conference ever could.

As we wrap up another school year, a big cheer for all the faithful warriors who grade late, wake early, wipe noses, hug hurts, listen long, answer patiently and teach tirelessly. They’re our partners in raising these kiddos and deserve all the rest coming their way.

love amy xo


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