Wasckly Wabbit

Did you know that a desert jackrabbit eats cactus? Bet you didn’t know that they’re faster than a roadrunner 
or that their long ears are for shade! 

There. Now you’re caught up with my five-year old who had to dress up as a jack rabbit and present a few facts for her school science fair today. Let me say though, we got off SO easy. Other classmates (*cough* parents) had much harder costumes to come up with. For instance a black caimans (I say “you’re a cute alligator” and get corrected), an ocelot (“excuse me, again?”) or a cock of the rock (I say, “how nice” I think, “be mature, don’t laugh at the kid”).

On the road to adulthood there are so many wonderful things to learn about this amazing world and only a fraction of it will stick. It’s nice that I got a do-over on my desert and rainforest animals today but it’s fractions I really need her to bring home.


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