Things Unseen

A constant prayer of my heart is that my eyes would be open to the things unseen. Over the weekend as I was grouching to myself about picking up after the girls (again), it struck me that the beautiful unseen can even be found in the everyday messes and things strewn about. 

I think about how I want a crumbless, smudgeless, spotless house. How I want the (seeming) perfection all day that only happens at night when the whirlwind slows to a still…when my two girls sleep and their books and dolls all find their resting places too. But those forgotten playthings say so much more than “children live here”.  

As a corrective vision exercise I decided to take photos of my girl’s trail of messes to see what else they might say. Because maybe it’s me that’s the mess. Because I want to make kid’s memories and laughter the priority. Because I know that when my mothering days fold up gently, I’ll miss those messes and their messages.

Little hands, that won’t always be little, eager to play outside. 
Sisters at play: nonsensical conversations between dolls and fantastical adventures. 

She has landed.

Personal treasures guarded closely.

Cora climbing out of bed  before dawn to come in ours for “a cuddle” all droopy eyed and hair a’ tousled. 

Brenna dressing herself for school now. My loving her more and being needed less each each day.

Mealtime silliness across the table. 

A lifelong bed fellow, friend and comforter. The smell of childhood on it.

“I want to do it by myself” though always forgetting to spit.

The feet that leave but (for now) always come home.

These messes and the hands that made them are all part of my fairytale.

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