Newborn Session: At Home in Boston

One advantage of being months behind in blogging is the joy of looking back on images I loved at first sight. These brand-new parents were a joy to work with. They invited me into their home this past November to celebrate the gift of their little girl and left a beautiful imprint on my heart.

Remembering our quiet morning, these tiny features, her parents’ joy and her mom’s gorgeous hair makes me wonder how this family is doing and how much this sweet girl has changed since these were taken.

The newborn stage is exhausting but so very fleeting. I adore newborn sessions for that reason. They’re a chance to slow down and savor that long-awaited little one. To let the full weight of the miracle sink in and to capture the newness your heart doesn’t want to forget.

Almost nine years into parenting, I can tell you the newness does wear off…but never the wonder. What’s more amazing to me is how love for a child grows with them. You won’t hear it said at baby showers or read it in a greeting card, but the day they’re born is actually the day you love your child least. Hard to believe looking at these images.


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