Newborn Session: At Home (Hingham, MA)

Photography is a such life-giving gig.

A family has a major life event then invites me (a perfect stranger!) into their home and their most personal moments. It’s astounding! Every time a family I’ve never met opens their hearts to me like this, I can only hold my breath and press the shutter.

My muse is the common thread that runs through every family. Love – connection – openness. Even one of those without the other and my images would fall flat. Because it’s not the light or my skill that makes their moments beautiful – it’s them! Every time.

I knew I loved this family instantly when mom described her boy on her questionnaire as “a funny, spazzy little chunk”. She and her sweet husband love every mood and inch of their little man and I was instantly smitten too. The way he intensely stared into my camera underscored my preference for waiting a bit when it comes to newborn photos. Ease in, get your feet under you after that baby arrives!

This family has my heart. We had such a fun morning just being. No posing or pretense. You guys be you…I’ll be over here.


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