Our Session

I want you to come away from our session feeling closer to one another than when you arrived. I keep things fun and relaxed with minimal posing and no props. I’m aiming for timeless images — honest, emotive and not contrived. The best images are when you’re being authentically YOU – hopefully at some point, you forget I’m even there.

Each session is as different as each family I photograph. That’s how it should be…your family isn’t the same as the next. That’s what makes all of this beautiful. Our session is a celebration of you and will be as distinctive as you are!

There’s beauty in all of the imperfection. There may be wardrobe malfunctions, meltdowns, or any number of things that don’t go according to plan. That’s why I don’t arrive to a session with a plan. Let’s just be.

This is more than a photo session. This is a page in your book– a day in your life. All you need do is come and love on one another. All I want is to find inspiration in this chapter of your story.

I would consider it a privilege to be in your moments and capture for you what the heart doesn’t want to forget.