Family Session: Rock Meadow Reservation, Belmont

A sure sign that my style is a good fit for a family is when they keep cuddling long after I’ve gotten the shot and stood up. These are those people. What you see is real because who they are is authentic. I’ve photographed these lovelies three other times and it keeps getting better. As their kids and crazy have multiplied, so has their love – it’s breathtaking to observe and inspiring to photograph.

I often dote on my moms but have to give a special nod to this dad. Moms are usually my point of contact and thus my allies in a family session. Most dads think they’re just along for the ride and it’s my job to make them feel at ease and a vital part of the session. They typically need more direction and lots of encouragement. Not this one.

When dads engage my shutter button goes nuts. The reality of our times and generation is that work is hard and pretty consuming. Often both parents work and their work is an expression of love for their family, but sometimes it’s just so good for the soul to hit pause and to connect.

I loved watching this dad cuddle and kiss with abandon. He looses himself in his family which tells me his soul is anchored in the right place and he’ll never lose it in his work. May it be said for any of us.



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