Family Session: Rock Meadow, Belmont

Every session comes down to one image for me – the one I instantly recall when I see a family again or they come to mind. For this session and these dear ones it’s gotta be the first photo here. This is the messy love my camera craves….the tangled limbs, arms a’ flailin’, big expression kind that makes my heart beat wildly. That might not be authentic for every family, but messy, raw love is this tribe’s jam.

For me it’s not about the composition but the connection. Does my eye linger because I’m drawn into their moment? If the answer is yes, it’s delivered. If no, it hits the cutting room floor never to be seen again. Life is too short and the here-and-now too precious not to preserve what makes a family real. Personality over perfection.

This beautiful family loves, laughs and hugs HARD – it’s what makes them both amazing to photograph and to count as friends.



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