Family Session: Menotomy Rocks Park

The power of an image lies in how it makes you feel.

In our everyday we are absolutely saturated with images.  We’re taking and sharing a staggering number of photos each year (1 trillion in 2015). One source I read said that we snap more photos every two minutes than were taken in the entire 19th century. So why add to all that visual noise?

Because we need to feel.

Our eyes are satiated but our souls are parched. We scroll through photos with abandon and ever so rarely a photo stops us in our tracks and reminds us of our humanity. We feel something and that photo is given life. Apart from being viewed, perceived and personalized it’s nothing more than millions of pixels on a screen. Noise.

If you can hear the laughter, feel the embrace and taste the love here, then my mission to champion family is advanced.

There’s SO MUCH to celebrate about these people. This was a special evening for me – a reunion even, as I once worked with this mamma in what feels like a past life. My job: to experience and capture the full range of emotion they felt. The fun of chasing their kids across a field in the drizzling rain – the tenderness of a long embrace – the joy of laughter ringing through a forest. Their job: to revel in one another.

Families are the heart and soul of what I do. This family had enough of both to render me teary as I edited.





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