Newborn Session: at home (North Andover, MA)

Motherhood isn’t a guarantee and yesterday was hard for some.

We’ve all known too much endless waiting and loss to believe motherhood is even a right. Children are a priceless gift (among many in life) but one we’re given only for a time. Probably not the way to open a newborn session blog, but hang with me. There’s beauty in that!

As our girls refuse to stop growing, I increasingly feel the press of time. The years I’m their everything are slipping away and you know what, this is good…right…as it’s meant to be. A good parent (as these amazing two will learn) works toward their own obviation…loving and instructing well so there comes a time when they’re needed less.

It’s the only job you intentionally work yourself out of. It’s why newborn sessions have my heart.

This family welcomed their handsome little guy and his gorgeous head of hair into their hearts and home but it was a bumpy start. When my camera and I caught up to them, they had lived through anxiety they had probably never experienced. Praise God, he pulled through and was on the other side of the scare but I’m certain it’s what fed into these beautiful moments.

True emotion needs no prompting and love this big was easy to capture. I always come away changed by the love I witness. In a hurting world it reminds me of our bedrock….faith, hope and love.


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