Disney Magic

We spent a very non-traditional but totally-magical Thanksgiving Day at Disney World. This was the girls’ first visit. While we had the trip booked since June, they only knew we were vacationing in Florida. In the Orlando airport we posed them in front of a big Mickey mural and told them we had a surprise. Below you can see Cora’s delayed reaction. 

The highlight of our day in Magic Kingdom was the Princess breakfast in Cinderella’s Castle…a splurge but, you know, the food was really good and the girls’ starry eyed expressions each time a princess approached our table was priceless. 

Joined by Dave’s folks, we pushed hard all day but thanks to a double stroller, we averted a single melt-down before the girls crawled into bed at 9pm. Dave and I returned for more and rolled in around 1:30am, muscles aching but our hearts brimming with joy-filled memories. 

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