Day in Your Life Sessions


Her little bed head and the blanket imprint on her cheek as she stands in the crib.

The way mom nuzzles him, drinking in the morning newness that’s refreshed each day.

Making pancakes with dad – her little hands trying so hard to stir the batter.

His glee as daddy chases him around the living room floor.

Mom and daughter lost in a fairytale together.

Those sticks she always collects on a walk through the woods.

The mid-day “it’s time for a nap” melt-down.

His little fists balled up and that one foot poking out between the crib bars as he naps.

Mom and dad delighting in a quiet moment to themselves.

…these are a few of my favorite things.


When our girls were little I struggled to hold onto joy in my everyday. The days were too short and the endless demands too many. To combat self-pity, I started looking for signs of beauty in my common-place, messy and mundane. This new way of seeing materialized into a new hobby. I picked up a camera to document that everyday kind of beauty for my family. Now my heartbeat is to record it for yours.

As a parent, I know what it’s like to go through the motions – each day feeling like the next. Imagine for a minute the mundane being taken from you, how beautiful would it look then? Life isn’t a dress rehearsal – we only have one to live and it’s breath-taking.


Day in Your Life Sessions are just what they sound – though “half day” would be more accurate. I spend four hours (Saturday morning or afternoon – your choice) just being present – lingering – with your family in and around your home or neighborhood. At some point we capture a few portraits but the real goal is to document what makes your family  distinctively you. In any of my sessions, I strive for authenticity. My favorite moments are those transcendent ones I had nothing to do with and could never create. Those moments when time touches eternity. When I deliver your gallery, I have the privilege of turning the mirror around on your day.


As I considered this new type of session, I’ve waited and wondered what kind of client would trust me with this kind of vulnerability. Would invite me into their most intimate place – home. Would allow my camera to peek behind the veil (we all have one!) to capture the connections, expressions and details that comprise a family and make a house a home.


I’m convinced it’s a client that wants to go beyond the park or beach session because their favorite backdrop is the home built on love. It’s a client who’s not content to document change over time for the annual Christmas card – they want to elevate memories for all time. They’re a family so comfortable with themselves and each other, they’re willing to forget I’m even there. They’re a parent who’s heart clings to their “favorite things” – a curl, a lovey, a bedtime routine.


Please enjoy a slideshow of this tender family who invited me into their sacred space and consider what your everyday kind of day might look like through the heart and lens of this quiet, watchful observer. Details and pricing can be found here.